Holiday Marketing Tips: What am I Doing Wrong?

The tree is up, the lights are flashing, and the holiday cheer is plastered on everyone’s faces. Everywhere, you can hear songs of celebration and songs of praise, and the atmosphere is ripe with a sense of happiness and gratefulness. And yet, even with all these, you don’t seem to be getting any more customers than usual, and the long, winding line you imagined there being is in reality just a few stragglers wandering around your store with no real inclination to buy anything. You realize, then, that you must be doing something wrong, and really the only question to ask is what is it?

Here are a few little holiday marketing potholes you might have fallen into that are putting a damper into your business’ holiday cheer.


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No strategy, just decorations.

Let’s start off with one simple fact: decorations do not make for a successful marketing strategy. At least not by themselves, they don’t. It’s true that a beautiful shop can attract customers into checking out your wares, but you would need some really special and breathtaking baubles if you’re going to tough it out without a concrete marketing plan. Even then, there is really no guarantee that the crowds you would attract would even buy from you.

With something as important as Christmas, Hanukkah, and all of the other relevant holidays of the season, you have to start your planning early so that you would have an effective strategy when the time calls for it. In fact, more than just planning, other businesses get a head start with their promotions and special offers weeks and even months before the actual holidays, which shows just how competitive things can be. That being said, don’t forget about your decorations completely, either; just make sure not to blow your budget on them,

Forgetting to greet your customers.

Everybody is aware that the holidays are upon us, but it’s nice to receive a greeting from others anyways. Through emails, postcards, greeting cards, etc., whatever way you choose, it is good for you to reach out and send a your Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah your customers. The main idea here is to make people feel valued and remembered so that they may then in turn remember your business when they go out for their holiday shopping.

A greeting isn’t the only thing you could send, too. Early holiday promotions, if timed right and spaced regularly apart, can excite people and encourage them to avail of your special offers. Print advertisements work really well for this, coupled with social media updates, and it shouldn’t be hard to find a printer like to get you what you need.



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Being politically correct is a troublesome task, but it’s a necessary evil oftentimes. It’s simple respect for people’s beliefs and traditions and not using your business to favour one over the other. Customers won’t usually mind whether you greet them with Merry Christmas or a safer Happy Holidays, but it doesn’t hurt to be careful either way. Offend someone once and you’d lose them as a customer for life, so be sensitive and tactful.

Sadly, you can’t please everyone and there would be those surprising few that would actually get offended if you try to be politically correct. It’s best not to let any of these customers get to you. It’s the holidays, after all, and it’s a time for good cheer, even if you get the occasional Grinch who stole Christmas here and there.

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